The Roman Steps, Rhinog Fawr: Guide to Traditional Routes

OS reference: 660 294

These are the tiers rising up the hillside to the south of the Roman Steps and are easily approached from the east. Once through the forest and onto the moorland track the tiers can be seen on the left. Many are well documented in the 2002 guide but there have been some more recent additions. 

The lowest tier:

As it says this is the first slabby wall approached easily across the moorland from the Roman Steps path after leaving the forest.

Although no higher than 15 meters the two routes here take lines on good rock  and provide a challenge in balancing.

east roman stepsAAAeee

1. Insanity has its own Rewards, 10m, E2 5c, 28.4.2007

Start at the base of the slab by the boulders just below a good ledge . Delicate moves form here gain the next ledge . A thin vertical crack is followed with increasing  directly to the top. T.Taylor

2. Lifeline, 15 m, E2 5b, 28.4.2007

A rock ballet up the right edge of the dark slab. Start at the right toe of the face , step up to a ledge and use good layaways to go directly up . Careful balancing brings a short cam slot within reach. Pass this to the start of the left trending ramp. Pirouette up this to the top. T.Taylor

The upper tier sits directly above and has a red wall to its left and a dog leg crack on its right.east roman steps upperAAAAeee.jpeg


3.Red Shadow, 8m,  E1 5a,  5.5.2007

Pull up the ledge above the very low overlap and finish up and leftwards. T.Taylor

4.*Scoop Fallout, 12m, E3 6a, 5.5.2007

Start 2 meters right and pull up to the right end of the ledge . Head for the scoop up and left and some gear. Then span up rightwards  somehow to the ledge.Finish up the open groove. T.Taylor

5. *Dog’s Dinner, 8m, E1 5b, 5.5.2007

Go directly up to the crack and follow it to its end. T.Taylor

The prow to the right has two short and easy routes.

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