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Arennig Fawr 2018.
A superb venue for bouldering and during the summer of 2018 MArtin Crook , Mel Griffiths , M.Rees and TT added a host of good and challanging problems.Scattered across the hillside by Simdde ddu is a collection of boulders most of which now have a problem or two . Details will be in the new Meirionnydd guidebook which the author hopes to have out by 2020ish !
 Here is Martin Crooks essay on the superb Supercollider : a project awaiting completion in Spring 2019!

Martin by the spring 2019 link up 

Bouldering west of Bala.
Plenty of stuff at Carndochan in 2018 and on the road from here to Trawsfynydd. Extensive additions to bouldering at Gist DDu.--~~> see GAme of Hones video link on the home page .

Llanuchlyn 2002 ---2018

OS ref: 84923  28203

The Bala stones sit below the hillsdie at Cregiau LLwyn Gwern on the north side of the Bala to Dolgellau road . The nearest village is Llanuchlyn. The crag above the boulders is easily spotted from the road and host a number of good routes up to E4. The large boulders can be seen from the road. A track turns off the main road at the house of Rhyd yDrain  which is down and west of the boulder field . Folw the track past the house and park at the point where the track forks left.Pull up as tight as possible on the verge . The main track then continues straight on along an old embankmnet parallel to the main road and over or through a gate ( sometimes locked ) . After a few meters a sheep trail leads off left across the stream and then contours eastwards up the hillside : the boulder quickly become visible again . About 15 minutes .

There are 6 main boulders the largest being about 8 meters high . Landings are often grassy but a mat or two helps for  some of the rockier spots. The rock is solid high friction mountain stone and generally clean . Problems range from 4 to 8a.
Early development was from Martin Crook , Chris Evans and TT ( first vist 2002 ) . Later Owen McShane added some cool lines and most recently  Spring 2016 Mike Allday has extensively added to the list of problems adding  by far the hardest line at 8a ( V10 ) .

Attached a draft of the planned topo on which we are still working . This one is the work of Mike Allday . We will update soon with the problme names etc and include the other problems .


MIke has also done THREE  VIDEOS of parts of the circuit we have created so far . bELOW ARE THE LINKS for Mikes three videos which along with giving a good flavour of the circuit give an insight into what inspires MIke to push his climbing to new levels of difficulty .
Martin Crook added an excellent new 6b on 30 MArch 2016 and this along with the other routes not in the topo will be in the update

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